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  • MaryEllen McCloud

December 10, 2018

The Father says, What have you asked for from My Kingdom lately? Dig deeper, My Beloved. I am endless so you are endless. I have come to deliver you from the hand that was too strong. Your identity is not from yesterday. You are freed from the chains that dare to enslave you once more.

Your identity is straight from My Heart. Stop focusing on what you see as the problem. I have called you My Royal Sons and Daughters. Have I lied to you yet? You are not the sum of what others have spoken or anticipated from you. Look for Joy to Come in the Morning for your New Beginnings are before you.

You are a Spirit merely in a human body. One day the human part will fade away. Invest in your spirit as this will lift your soul out of a cycle of lack. Before you were human, you existed. You have purpose in these moments on Earth. Do not let the time slip through your fingers like fine sand.

You are not separated from Heaven. We are One- Spirit to spirit. I will reveal Great Mysteries to those who are hungry. I invite you to seek Me and you will find Me. To know Me, you must be willing to remove what the world would have you believe about Me. Come as an open slate for I will fill you up until there is no more room to contain My Glory in your life. Step out of the mundane. Your life is far more than you ever could imagine.

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