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  • MaryEllen McCloud

November 30, 2018

The Father says, Break out of the boring and predictable routines. Stretch yourself into doing something new and possibly outside of your comfort zone. I never intended for your life to be a stagnant or redundant daily ritual. Enjoy your life! Pick up new hobbies and interests. Meet new people, different from yourself.

As you reach outside to incorporate new avenues in life, I will open new doors in which I will use you for blessing others, but also you will receive additional blessings from each encounter. You possess many great attributes that the world is looking for. Do you not see yet? You cannot out give Me. As you give of yourself, I will send others to give back unto you. Haven’t seen that happen yet? Guess what? I Am doing a New Thing in your life this very Hour.

When I say ‘Go Out’ I fully intend to keep My Promises that I have spoken over you! You are under My Direction and Umbrella this go around. You are not merely doing things for your own gratification. When you go out as My Light, fully submissive to My Leading, things will be different, and you will experience the Open Heaven that I desire to show you. I will bring the ‘All Things Possible’ mentality to your heart and mind.

You have thought that you could not reach the highest of highest mountains from which to sit under My Stars. You have watched others achieve such heights, but never felt qualified to see for yourself. I say to you, You are Qualified because I Am the One who makes someone Qualified. You only miss out because you do not believe. Trust Me Child, I will take you farther, deeper, and higher than you could ever imagine. Your life is just beginning in Me. There is so much more that I desire to show you, and do through you! I Am not finished with you yet.

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