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  • MaryEllen McCloud

November 27, 2018

The Father says, I am bringing back into your life an area that you once failed in. I desire for you to watch and see success at what once was such a stumbling block before. Through this experience, you will witness the open heaven of favor and blessing shine down on you, as you face something that once mastered you.

Growth is part of your experience in life. Knowing that you can achieve and grow higher will only scratch the surface in discovery through this opportunity. I will use this to catapult you into new arenas that you would normally shy away from, due to thoughts of failing again. I want you to understand that I will catch you when you walk on that water. I will always be there to encourage you on into territories unknown.

I will walk you step by step as you take My Hand. Do not let fear enter your heart and mind. Yes, the enemy will come against you, listing all of your character flaws and mistakes. I will come and heal your wounds. Reject the negative and embrace My Love for you. You are limitless because I Am limitless.

Your portion is a beautiful life full of all that I desire for you to enjoy. Yesterday’s snare tripped you up.

Your knees were skinned, but today I tell you that Glory is surrounding you. All of the benefits you would have had the first time around will be increased with interest for repayment from what was stolen from you. So prepare your worship and praise, for it is a sweet fragrance before My Throne. Tomorrow is a New Day. Just watch what I bring forth for you!

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