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  • MaryEllen McCloud

November 26, 2018

The Father says, Today, I say look down at your feet. What do you see? I have brought before you all of the promises, that I spoke over you personally, yet to manifest before your eyes. Look to the horizon, for one by one they are placed on your journey to come forth at the right day and time. I have left nothing off of the table. Even dreams you had thought you were disqualified for.

I Am a God of mercy, grace, and renewal. The message of the Cross was about rebirth, and the passing of the less than mentality. I gave up everything just to open again the keys to My Kingdom for you. It does not matter what storm has come your way. Today, I am parting the clouds; calming the winds, and setting you at the highest vantage point, so that you can witness My Love poured out upon you.

I will dry your tears, and make you forget all that went wrong in the past. I will strengthen you, and bring a new resilience to your being that will endure through to see My Goodness alone. I am coming in your night seasons to speak to your heart and mind in a fresh new way. I will impart to you My Zoe way of life and unspeakable joy. The shame and condemnation of the past will no longer grip your mind and soul.

I say to you this day, Stand and be Counted. Write the vision! We are co-creators in your life story. Tell Me what your passionate about, and how you want to impact My Kingdom for My Namesake. Nothing is too silly of a dream. I can make a pebble turn into a mountain. Bring it all before Me, and watch what I do with your willing heart.

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