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  • MaryEllen McCloud

November 23, 2018

The Father says, A boomerang was created to come back to the one in command of it. When I created mankind, I created a being that was in My image. Like attracts Like. As you desire the things of My Kingdom, you will walk a path towards the One you allow to be in command. You will enter into a peace and rest like none other. You will know that My Hands will always catch you as you return to Me each day.

I will send you out for My Namesake, and you will be confident that I will never let you get out of My sight or reach. For a boomerang to work properly, it must be crafted by a Master. I have crafted every part of you to work perfectly for what I have called you to do and be. Never think that anything was wasted in My craftsmanship. Know that what I have done in your life has a specific purpose that will be revealed in your lifetime.

My creation was designed to crave My presence, and seek Me out. Placing idols in My spot in your heart, will lead you astray. Nothing can share the same place as Me in your life. Whatever you place there will have the same power over your life that I Am supposed to have. Your internal compass will become confused, and you will no longer come back to My Hands.

Decide to throw out anything that has power over your daily decisions. Forsake what keeps you distracted from My purposes in your life. My Hands are ready to catch you yet again. The Mantle of your Heart only has room for One God, the True and Living God. Abraham was even willing to place his child on the altar for My Namesake. Be a people who will follow My Voice even when it seems to be impossible and unthinkable.

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