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  • MaryEllen McCloud

July 21, 2018

The Father says, If I can make the sun stop for a strategic advantage to My People then, why would I not do something for you in this hour of need? If you have unbelief, then you will not soar higher than what you natural eyes will comprehend and accept. I did not stop being a Father who would do the miracles, signs, and wonders. If you seek little, you will only receive little. Your circumstances are different so expect A New Thing to manifest before your feet. Just wait with full expectation that I will deliver you at the right moment. The enemy will fill you with fear and doubt. Adopt the mind of Christ for the Same Power that raised Him from the Dead, LIVES inside of you! Do you not see yet? You have access to realms and possibilities that even My servants in the Bible did not have open. Stop saying only these people are qualified. YOU are qualified. For I will not withhold Any Good Thing for those who walk uprightly. I am not looking at your failures to determine your potential. That is a man’s game. I have Equipped you to Run the Race until the End. Your mouth will get you in the most trouble so choose to speak only what will release Honor and bring Glory to My Namesake. When you voice the negative in life, you give permission back over to the enemy. Wake up knowing the enemy planted traps and pitfalls so that you will be on the lookout before you begin your day. The power is already in your hands. Be Ready. The Scenery is about to Shift and Change Swiftly.

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