• MaryEllen McCloud

November 16, 2018

The Father says, This season into the New Year marks a mighty shift in the atmosphere around you. You have come through extreme temperatures, where one minute things were fine and the next chaos ensued all around you. I have walked you through these trials to bring you to a place on My shore where circumstances will no longer affect your position in Me.

Seasons are necessary and designed by My own Hand. I know what needs to happen each and every step of your journey. Take comfort in that I Am the One who places you on the Potter’s Wheel so precisely that all of the cracks become mended. For you to go to the next in Me, many areas needed to come into adjustment and realignment. It was not that you were so off My path that a major overhaul was needed. No, My Child. This is just part of you becoming more and more Christ Like. Aspects of the “You” require deep cleansing and healing to be able to go higher and deeper within Me.

Many have judged you during this last season. I am removing the stain of shame that has been associated in their thoughts. I have restructured all within because you were fully with Me and walking with Me. You have yielded yourself over to Me, and let Me have My way with your life. I will ask you to shut out all of the naysayers, and cling just to My Voice. Many will cause you to have a double-mind if you allow.

I have you in the Palm of My Hand. We will do great exploits and climb to new heights starting even this month. I Am finishing up healing and other preparations in this Now. Everything will turn out ok. Deep sorrow and regrets will turn into beautiful songs lighting up the sky like the most grandest of Rainbows. Promises spoken over you are coming in focus in this season. Your hands will catch a hold of things you have long placed to the back, for a time. A table a celebration is being prepared, and your enemies will surely see My Hand of Favor over your life.