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  • MaryEllen McCloud

November 14, 2018

The Father says, I say to you this day that I Am speeding up things in your life. What you See, Ask, and Knock for will come to you with the an expediency from My Throne room. Do you hear Me whispering all of the wonders I will place at your feet? I Am a God who loves to lavish My Children with the Kingdom in Fullness. I Am reviving the innocence of Child Like Faith in My People.

No longer will you drop your trust in Me at the slightest of winds blowing in your life. No longer will the enemy be able to sway you off of My path at the mere prodding for you to disbelieve the promises I have spilled out over your life. I am bringing a new protection to your mind and heart that will place a hard shell of armor around you. Choose to not place this down each and every day. In your free will, you can undermine My Purposes for you.

I am setting you upon My Mighty Fire so that you will have greater influence in the territories where I have placed you. People will listen more readily to the things of My Kingdom. The Lost World is so very hungry to hear My Voice. I will place you in a position to have an impact in places where the door was slammed shut before. Do not fear going back to places where you were not received prior. I have parted the brooks around you. You can safely cross now.

Family and Friends will see My Light shining in and through you, in ways that were darkened to them before. They will desire to have what you have, and that is the Christ within you. I will come from within you to change the world around you. I Am here, and I will do all that you need and exceed your expectations. I will place you on that water, and all will see you walk without hesitation. Feel My Power upon you. For My finger is mightily upon you even in this hour. I will carry you through! Never will I leave you.

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