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  • MaryEllen McCloud

November 13, 2018

The Father says, I am coming this day as the Author and Finisher of your Faith. I am ripping out pages in your storyline that did not portray My Best in your Life. I am dipping My Pen in the Ink and Writing New Stories to outcomes that led to dead ends. I Am a God who can make a way where there was no way. I will breathe new purpose and blessings into areas of your life that were not productive, but this time you will reap a mighty harvest.

What the enemy meant for harm, I am painting the dark with My Life and Color that will never fade or grow dull. I am polishing the silver and gold to My perfection. No more will you remember these things as tarnished aspects in your life. I have seen your tears about the broken and shattered mirrors. The reflection that I will restore will shine only My Favor over your life.

I did not forget you, and you have proven yourself one who has not forgotten Me. People have come against you with a smirk of enjoyment that things crumbled before your eyes. I say to you this Day that I Am paying you back 5 fold for the evil within the hearts of others towards you. Those that wish misfortune upon others with celebration, will find My judgment at their doorstep.

I will humble who I choose, and I will exalt the ones who stand before Me with Clean Hands and a Pure Heart. Be watchful of your heart and mind in all matters lest you succumb to the darkness in your soul man. I will resurrect the fallen dreams of your youth, and place your feet upon My Rock yet again. Life as you know it will look like I have written for it to look from this day forward.


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