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  • MaryEllen McCloud

What Is On God's Heart Today

Concerning Relationship Conflicts

God says, There are many of My Beloved's that are asking why their issue was not resolved years ago, even before they showed up on the scene? Why is this issue still even a part in their life? Why has God not dealt with this problem fully by now?

The Lord says, Beloved, I have been speaking to that person about what they are doing to harm your relationship. Understand My Child, this person feels they are hearing My Voice when it is the enemy's voice, and when they Hear My Voice, they believe it is the enemy instead.

This is why they believe you not. This is why they deny you have been hurt by their actions, disrespected, and that they are the cause of the damage in both of your lives. It is not bitterness or a desire for revenge that drives you. Your motives are pure before Me, despite what others may accuse you of.

God says, Watch careful as I pull the rug out from underneath them. You stand tall and firm that I AM is with you and is your rearguard. I will fully take over and leave no doubt on the table that I AM has spoken into that need and conflict. Keep walking with your hands clean. I will handle your battles. Judgement comes to those that reject My Voice.

This is your Season Of UNBELIEVABLE BREAKTHROUGHS. My Answer is Yes and Amen! I AM coming SWIFTLY!

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