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  • MaryEllen McCloud

November 1, 2018

The Father says, My Power and Presence is available to all to be up close and personal. Many have heard stories from others, but have wondered if any of this is real or obtainable upon them. I am bringing new things to the Earth realm in this season. I say to you this day, that if you ask Me, I will show up in the fullness of who I Am. I will come to all who call upon My Name. If you believe then you will receive.

What was demonstrated in the Bible was just a mere idea of what I can do. The Best is yet to come! The Awakening of My Bride is upon this generation. I will have My Voice heard and My Will known down to the smallest of details. Those who have lost hope will find My Spirit fall upon them so strongly that there will leave no room left for doubt in their life. I Am not a far off God nor one that does not take great care in the concerns of My People.

Understand that the naysayers will also get louder in their opposition. Do not feel you have to answer those who will choose not to accept or believe in Me. Your only requirement is to praise and worship, for in doing so, your heart is shifted into perfect alignment with My Purposes. I will launch many of you into new assignments that will draw upon the new gifts that are emerging from deep inside of you even in this hour.

The Stirring of My Spirit is already causing My chosen to know that something Mighty is coming forth.

There is a seven year repayment coming to those that have stood and held onto the promises. Many have told you to give up and believe that I would not come through after all. You did not stray from the faith or calling, even in the darkest of hours. The angels sing over you this day for Blessed and Highly Favored are you to be called. There is no storm that will rob you of what I will bestow upon you during this time. What is yours has already been sent out from Heaven. Get ready, for the shaking and shifting is breaking chains off and releasing restoration in overflowing abundance. There will be no room that can contain what is happening.


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