• MaryEllen McCloud

October 29, 2018

The Father says, Goliath represented a spiritual enemy and a natural enemy to My people. Many thought it was ridiculous that a mere boy was sent in to deal with the problem. My Hand led David through every battle during his whole life. I gave him challenges that enabled him to have the courage to confront the giant of their day. David used what he had in his hands. The same tool he had practiced with for years with great proficiency. So too will you do also.

Just like David, I have led you through many twisted roads during the Becoming of who you are today. You are ready to conquer the next big giant set before your path. Too many of My people are hoping that I will send someone else, but I have been training you! Many see the giants all around and have time to complain, but decide to ignore the prodding from My Spirit.

You asked Me to be your Lord and Savior. You are redeemed and restored. I desire to use you to set others free from all that oppresses them. Will you step up and heed My Voice and Calling? I will be with you wherever I send you. My angels stand ready to assure your victory. There is nothing that you go through that I will not use for My Glory and a blessing unto you.

Let your worship be your daily heart’s incense. For just like David, My power will fully fall upon you through your praise and worship. Heaven will open, and you will step into My Glory Realm. All things are possible for it is the Christ in you, the Hope of Glory. Where I send you out to, you will surely destroy the giants!