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  • MaryEllen McCloud

October 18, 2018

The Father says, Lift up your hands in full uninhibited worship unto Me. Understand that it is your worship that disrupts the forces of darkness. Your breakthrough is right behind the wall that your praises will destroy. Your hard moments will cease in more ways than you realize when you abandon yourself to worship. Let the Frequency of Heaven shift and adjust all that you are petitioning Heaven for in this hour.

Focus on the One who has the Power to change your situation. Many are fighting full on wars by themselves. I have never called you to do this. Come closer. I will give you the tools and the strategy to handle each and every issue completely. I Am with you always, not just when you actually call upon Me. I have not left your side, and I have no plans on doing such. What you ask for is what I will move towards.

Even on days that you feel utterly lost, you are not. My peace does not leave you, just pick it back up when it seems to slip through your grasp. The enemy wants you to spin about this and that. There are no chains that can hold My children. It is just merely an illusion. You are free so walk your day in this truth. It does not matter what that report looks like, nothing can touch what I have denied access to.

Clean your house so that the enemy cannot gain a foothold in your life. Turn away from what is not good for your soul, mind, and heart. You are no longer of this world. What does not bring glory and honor will become a stumbling block at some point. Watch your gateways. Let Me show you what I desire for your life. Listen to My leading and learn to control your fleshly desires before they control you. You were made to be My beacon on a hill. Seek My Face and you will find your answers.

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