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  • MaryEllen McCloud

October 17, 2018

The Father says, My Power is all around; in what you touch, feel, see, hear, and imagine. You are never at a place where you cannot draw from My power in every circumstance that you face. When you command something to shift, it most certainly will in My Name. Come boldly and with Authority in your voice. You are called to Rule and Reign with Me. This is your portion to walk out your days in.

Religion will look to limit and bind what I will do through you. I have placed no boundary on how high or far you can go for My Namesake. You are not qualified through what you have done right or wrong in your own efforts and works. I Am the One who called you Good, and I will be the final say over your life. Jonah tried to walk away from the call on his life. Do you think you will be more successful in leaving or in watching Me doing amazing exploits in and through you?

Release the doubts and what if’s. Others will fill your head with fears that haven’t even manifested and never will. I already know what you will encounter. I Am all you need when you walk the road less traveled. I will not send you out where I have not fully prepared you for. Don’t go by feelings as you will never feel truly ready, but I know what I Am doing. Embrace a path led by My Hand and Voice.

New Rivers are flowing in and through you. This is a season where the familiar makes way for the unfamiliar in how I will not only speak to you but work through you. You are a butterfly set free in ways that you didn’t even know you were bound. It is time to see more of My Kingdom. It is time for you to experience all that I have done for you. No longer are you restricted in a body that would not allow you to soar to limitless potential.

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