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  • Replenished Hope Ministries

October 10, 2018

The Father says, My people have been hit with a strong level of despair over the past few months. See today that the darkness is lifting even in this hour. Even things that bothered you for many years, suddenly will not seem as important any longer. Watch as a refreshing washes over your soul, for I have you exactly where I desire you to be.

The weapons of attack are dropping to the ground. A new level of protection is surrounding you as New Angels are being assigned to you in this season. What seemed like a stuck in the mud sensation will be what catapults you into a whole new realm. I have held your feet firm in place for a time, but now is the moment for you to move and get busy once more. A rush is coming over your spirit with downloads of new ideas.

Creativity is moving over you like lightning, and the flood of My Spirit is pushing you towards that door.

The time of little productivity has established a wave of overflow in production. I will keep your hands sowing great things for My Namesake that will bless you but also many around you. Do not discount the areas that seem small and almost insignificant. Even those efforts will reap a powerful reward. You have characteristics that you have not considered an actually seed to be sown from, but in My economy those are the attributes that yield a mighty impact.

A bird sings because it was created to sing. Does it take this beauty for granted because it is effortless in action? I am showing you the value and worth that I place over your daily efforts that you pay little notice in. They are invaluable to Me. No one has to be famous in order for Me to use them for exploits beyond imagining. You do not have to scale mountains to please Me. You just be you each and every day. You are already the One who I Am in Love with!

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