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  • MaryEllen McCloud

October 8, 2018

The Father says, Listen to the rustle in the distance. Many will think the sky is falling but in truth the enemy is running from the battlefield. Choose not to give the illegitimate foe power when he is defeated. Speak into your Victory and do not complain about the process.

How you see yourself is what will direct your path into what I have for you or what the enemy has for you. Speak Life and watch the Heavens open in response. What you do attracts like energy and forces. Embrace My Light and allow Me to shine Bright on the inside. Reject the schemes and lies. You have to choose.

It is time for those resting in preparation to step up, for you are being called back into full action. Your season of equipping has made you ready for promotion into what you carry going forward. My Spirit is resting upon you. The Atmosphere is Ripe with Anticipation. The flood gates are open and My Waters will send you out to all that is for you.

Your confidence is with Me and not of your own two hands. See Me as your source and strength so that the struggles of the flesh do not invade your day. I have your solutions and your needs ready to meet you where you are. Reach Higher for you were not meant to strive in lack. The Breaker Anointing is before you!


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