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  • MaryEllen McCloud

October 3, 2018

The Father says, What are you running from today? Have I called you to stand your ground, but you have sought the comfort from the walls of a cave? Release the outcome to Me. I Am fighting your battles for you. Forget what the odds look like. I never fail. Those who counted you out will find My Hand of Protection all around you.

Believe you are coming out because this is what you will see on the other side. Find the Courage and Bravery that is most assuredly deep inside of you. Stand up to the blowing winds from the enemy’s mouth, for it will not blow you over. The years of toiling in the hard clay are reaping a beautiful harvest because you did not quit.

Soon the clouds will part. It may seem like just any ordinary day but in truth it is a rebirth. You are transformed and reflect My Son’s light more and more. Do not discredit how far you have come. I will take you over the ravine into a new refreshing to your soul. New Rivers have become your source.

Watch as My Word begins to Perform over every area of your life. You have not been forsaken. You are Loved and You are Blessed. What seemed impossible will manifest like how the Sun overtakes the shadows. I am not finished with My Creation and you play a vital role for such a time as this. Never think you are small or insignificant. You are everything to Me.

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