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  • MaryEllen McCloud

September 25, 2018

The Father says, You will never find your identity in Christ when are looking to family, friends, and strangers to define who you are. There are depths to who you are that even you have yet to discover. One by one, I am exposing the beauty that lies dormant in you. I am eliminating the reproach that you have been living in.

I am not disappointed in you! Did you hear that? Even with what you consider your biggest failures, I am ready to take you to regions of Glory. Do you not understand yet? I am not grading you on some harsh scale of approval vs non-approval. I am not categorizing all that you do or say in a measure that you could never live up to. Your faith is what pleases Me. When you reach out beyond yourself to grab ahold of that mustard seed of belief, trust, and hope is when I can move in and out of your life.

You are the one who activates My Voice and Hand in your life, but not by performance that religion teaches. I Am a Loving Father who wants to be involved in all matters of your day. I look forward to our talks and you sharing your hopes and dreams. Did you know that many of the things that you long for the most are there because I placed them inside your heart in the first place? Come before Me and ask Boldly. If you are not asking for what is impossible for man, then you are not asking with the Boldness and Risk that I Am telling you to reach for.

Many have given up because they did not get an answer when they thought I was supposed to answer. Understand that if I do not prepare you to receive some of your desires, you will squander all that I have stored up for you, much like the Prodigal Son. I do not desire you to go through heart break by receiving too soon.You are already worthy of all that I have. All is your inheritance.


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