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  • MaryEllen McCloud

September 20, 2018

The Father says, Find today that the storm does not dissipate but intensifies. I am rising you up through the center of the winds and giving you a new vantage point. There is purpose to everything under Heaven and Earth. You have forgotten lessons that once you had mastered and now they will serve you once again.

Allow the Mystery to be Revealed. Look Again! I have not hidden the road before your feet. You are walking on the water; You are walking on the fire; You are walking on the air. You are more than skin and bones. I have forged you out of spirit and today, walk in what this fully means in this hour.

The challenges of life are not meant to take you out with a cycle of grumbling and complaining. Rise Up! You are not defeated. Who said that you were? I said you will hold all victory. See yourself in this fashion and it will become your reality. Write the Vision lest you perish through willful ignorance.

No force, no power, no illegitimate voice will stop you. The Battle is Mine. Give it all to Me and I will show you the war strategy for you to carry out. Many go about what they think is right only to be derailed time and time again. I have not left you to your own defenses. Rise Up! I Am before YOU!

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