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Daily Prophetic Word August 13, 2018

The Father says, Graduation is not just a natural experience in life. Each season makes way for you to spiritually graduate into the next level that I have for you. Often times, My people are unaware that they are in a whole new classroom in My Kingdom. With each passing, there comes more learning and testing, but know that all is for your benefit. I waste nothing in your life, and each moment is used to prepare you for the future. Just think of all of the obstacles in life that were not a stumbling block because you already had an earlier trial that taught you what you needed to know to accomplish great and mighty things.

I have promised to take you from Glory to Glory; from Victory to Victory! I will always prepare you, and what you do with this gift will lay out how you walk through the next section of your journey. Many revert back to old ways and deal with things with ineffective choices. I want you to pay attention to My Voice and leading this time around. Do not think that life is just casually going by each day. Watch My Hand over every circumstance that you face. Listen to what I am speaking to you now, so that you can rise above all adversity that comes. Failure is not what I have designed for you.

New Keys are in your hands. Each one is for a new opportunity that will come your way. I am stretching you beyond who you thought you were, and what you thought you were capable of. Do not run in fear of aspects that are bound to make you feel uncomfortable. You are trying out new shoes, and in time you will see how well they fit your feet and walk. I Am encouraging you to try new things that you never considered before, but have immense blessings packed inside each one. I made you for more, and more is where I am sending you out to. Nothing is missing and nothing is broken. I will fill you up and watch you overflow for My Namesake.

Grab a hold, for this ride is about to pick up great speed as acceleration hits your spirit. When I say My people are in a time of unprecedented acceleration, I really mean, yes, YOU! Did you think I would leave you behind while others walked in My Favor? You are not forgotten. I am not leaving anyone behind unless they choose to not be apart of what I am up to. So get ready and let the excitement arise inside of your spirit. The wave of My Spirit is going to propel you higher and farther into times of amazing Glory!

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