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Daily Prophetic Word August 12, 2018

The Father says, There is a moment of Perfection and Completion in My Kingdom that comes at various times in your journey. Today, you are at another important milestone as many aspects from the last few seasons are finally finished. Your time in waiting has not gone unnoticed by Me.

Ride the Wave with Me as your sorrow is turning into Great Joy. Even when you can’t fathom it now, I Am coming Swiftly in this hour. Keys are being distributed in many areas and not just one or two. You were looking for only one answer but I am declaring ‘done’ to many unanswered prayers.

Even in the Hours where your frustration turned to pure anger, I have not abandoned My Plans in your life. In the secret of the night has everything been put into proper place and perspective. The foundation laid is now stronger than any time before, and you will walk on ground that will not become so easily corrupt and cracked.

I am moving you forward despite everything not seeming perfect in your eyes. Some plans were indeed rerouted but this was not of your own doing nor should you hold regret over it. I will make the crooked path straight, and I will give you an abundance beyond what the first blueprint would have provided you. What I altered was done to bless you because you are the Jewel rarer than all others.

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