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Daily Prophetic Word August 9, 2018

The Father says, Many of My People have become tolerant by accepting their current situations as status quo. You no longer come to My Throne and ask for great and mighty things. Your ears have grown dull and your eyes dim. Religion has taught that I am not a God you can come to for any and all needs. This is the same accusation of the enemy. Can you not hear his chants from the abyss?

My Beloved, I would do anything for you including sacrificing My Son so that you can be with Me always. You are not left without a hope or a future. I have each one of your days numbered and resources above imagining ready to come meet any need that you have. Ask and Ask Boldly. Will I not come into your situation this very day? You are worthy of all that I have. You are so very precious to Me. Come and share with Me your heart this day.

The Stone was rolled away and the debt was forgiven. The payment of sin has been settled. No need to hang your head low any further. I have clothed you in My Best and Given you a Crown for the world to see. You are Mine. You are a new creation. Change the image of yourself in your mind, as well as, the picture frame.

As long as you stay stuck in the old, you will miss all that I Am doing on your behalf. It is time to open your eyes wide and your arms even wider. People may try to discredit you or say you are less than worthy, but I Am the One who will continue to bless you despite your enemies. I control your life, and we have great exploits to experience and the spoils of war to collect. You are My Beloved. This is who you are to Me, forever and forever.

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