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Daily Prophetic Word August 5, 2018

The Father says, Age is just a human number based on factors of time that do not exist in reality. When I planned out the steps in your life, I placed them in a specific order based on the experiences that you would encounter. Each one impacts the fruition of your calling and destiny. I do not consider age when I decide to pull you out of the shadows and place your feet upon a pedestal for all to see in My Glory and Honor. Whether I reveal someone at a younger or older time, age affects how you are received by others but not how capable you actually are.

You are operating under My Spirit and not your own ability. Humility is a big key to your calling, for many who lack it will stumble and fall. I desire to keep you on your toes and guessing where I will take you next. If your life is in My Hands who else should be steering the boat? I have adventure on the books for you. I have places to take you that you never would consider on your own. When you are open throughout your day, you will hear Me speak big and small assignments for you to accept.

Many believe the big assignments are the ones that matter most, but I say even the smallest seed of faith and action can do more in My Kingdom. You never know what that tiny seed will do once it has been planted into the life of another person. You are atmosphere changers! No matter where you go in your day, you are carrying My Kingdom and the Power is available to you. Let My refreshing winds clear out the layers of confusion and disappointments that years of battles have scarred you with.

Hold your head high for I Am brushing off the dust from the dry wilderness years. I have a land of milk and honey just waiting on the horizon. Now is your time to partake in the rewards for never letting go of My Promises over your life. You have done well, My Good and Faithful Servant. Do not look behind you for I Am right here moving you forward to the next blessing. What has withered and died, will I not bring back to life at the right moment? Do not grieve what once was, for what will be is far greater. You were made for More. Do you trust Me to make your life unimaginable and beautiful?


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