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Daily Prophetic Word August 4, 2018

The Father says, In My presence is where you will discover My Glory. When you leave My presence, take with you My Glory. My Glory enables you to walk as Jesus walked, talk as Jesus talked, and operate the way that Jesus operated in and around a region. Do not overlook the Power you are carrying, for this will shift the atmosphere around and bring My Will to your situation and your neighbor’s alike.

You are a game changer for my Namesake. When you see something out of My Will, you have My Power and Authority to speak into that misalignment and bring order to chaos. Speak to the Rock, and it will bring forth My Living Water. Speak My Favor and Blessing to even those that despise you and just watch what flowers bloom from your actions. For you were once estranged from Me until you became My Child, as well.

You are not walking among the tombs. Do not take the gloom and doom words as the final answer on any matter. I have redeemed mankind and establish a new way of living a life of over abundance. This life on earth is but a flickering candle. Focus on Me and the storms will not take you under. Take with you only what can go with you. You cannot hold onto things or people that will not travel on into the next seasons journey.

Love as I Love. If you lack the ability to love all in My Name then ask Me, and I will fill your heart with Indescribable Love that has no limit and has no boundaries. Be wise and see these moments as I see them. Follow My Voice and Lead. I will never steer you wrong. What I have called temporary, do not choose to believe that it will last forever. I have so much more for you to discovery and experience. Let Go of what I Am asking you to let go of and get ready for all that I have coming to your doorstep. I will surprise you and never disappoint.

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