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  • MaryEllen McCloud

Daily Prophetic Word August 2, 2018

The Father says, New Beginnings are surrounding you through the natural and supernatural. Dare to Believe in the Miraculous for a New Season of Supernatural Glory is upon you. Many are weary, but Rivers of Living Water are deeply restoring you in this hour. Stop to Enjoy this moment. You are at the Threshold of Something Wonderful.

What was stolen is being paid in multiplication. I know what belongs to you. The darkness did not overtake you. Tomorrow is not just another day. What worked against you will work for you in unprecedented ways. Who came to spit upon you will watch you be catapulted into My Favor.

Many have been cycling in murmuring and complaining. Has it served you any good? Stop to see these situations through Kingdom Eyes. You can do All Things Through Christ. Does this change your perspective? Keep your Mind and Heart Focused on the Prize. Know that I am shifting and shaking the foundations around you.

Let Go and Let Me take it from Here. I have not called you to a life of striving. I am uprooting many right now to transplant them to New Territories. You have outgrown where you are. You have felt constricted, but soon I will release you into the Larger Portion for you to influence with Kingdom Glory. You have Arrived!

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