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  • MaryEllen McCloud

July 31, 2018

The Father says, Place down the busyness and agenda that swirls in your mind. Commune Spirit to spirit. Let your heart sing and celebration rise in Praise. Make this your first and last in your day. When you forget who is your source, you will eventually place other things in the center where only I should be. You will slowly staving yourself of My full breath of life. What you place your faith and hope in is your Lord or god, but you get to decide. Life is not as controllable as many would like to pretend that it is. Your hands cannot undo or stop all things. See a different way. I know the beginning from the end. Your life is not set in stone. See that I write your map in sand, which changes as you make decisions throughout your day. When you need course correction, where will I find you? Many are so tuned out that they will continue to ignore My corrective winds. They rationalize everything away until they are looking to blame one and all for their downfalls. Choose to stay connected to Me. Choose to run all of your day through My Living Waters. I will come inside of you and flow Life into what your day brings to you. Find your strength and resilience multiply and carry you through to the other side of what is challenging. Set your mind upon Me and not on your needs. When you do, many things will fall at your feet much quicker. What you feed is what will grow. Feed things that will bring life back to you. I am resting My blanket of Peace upon you. Rest and know that I am at work in your life. I have made a way when there was no way. I have met you where you are, and I will take you where you are to go. Rest. For you were designed to Rest. I know the plans that I have for you, and I promise you are going to love this journey. Do you trust Me? Great and Mighty things are coming just off in the horizon.

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