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  • MaryEllen McCloud

July 25, 2018

The Father says, I sing over you each and every day. When you fail to see Me working out all things for My Glory, stop for a minute and find Me singing over you right where you are. I have not moved from your side. There is a melody in your heart. Stop and feel the beat vibrating in the atmosphere. You are so special to me. Children see a no as the end of discussion but I say a no leads to a bigger Yes, one that you will much rather prefer. You are not living a denied life but a life rich in abundance of all that I have stored up in Heaven for you. I didn’t start preparing for your needs yesterday. No, I started at the foundations making ready all that you would ever need or even think to imagine. What I have is better than anything you can see in the natural realm. I am replacing your small dreams with perfect dreams from My Throne. Unstoppable dreams suited well for My Children. When you do not see things happening immediately do not think that My Answer has changed at all. Instead see that there is a breaking over your life coming swiftly. I must remove anything that will block the fullness of what I am giving you. You are Growing in a mindset able to manage new resources correctly, so that you do not lose out on what I hand you. Many want but do not take care of what is given unto them. You are the keeper of the garden in which I plant your feet. Be wise with what I have placed in your territory. It is time to dance and celebrate for the hard season has ended. What needed to die and be cut off has been destroyed never to be looked upon again. What is left is the beauty that will bloom into an amazing fragrance over your life. Nothing can stop what I have ordained over you. Place down a mindset of ‘no, not me Lord.’ If I have spoken it for you, then it is yours. Let nothing stop you, including yourself. I have great plans and they are right on the horizon in plain sight.

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