• MaryEllen McCloud

July 22, 2018

The Father says, I love you! Find My love sprinkled and splashed all over your day. I know what your favorite things are. Did you not find a surprise mysteriously manifest out of nowhere? It brings Me joy to watch you smile. My Beloved, I care about aspects that you did not even know if you should care about. Before you even saw that there was even an issue, your feet only found smooth dry land. Chains that have held your career and finances are being removed. I am giving you the green light, for I say that My People will flourish no matter how the rest of the world looks like. I am not swayed by the reports of negativity. If I say you are blessed and highly favored than no man can say otherwise. It doesn’t matter about the gloom and doomers. Leave them be for they only want to see and taste the lack. I am showing you the Kingdom mentality and economy in ways you have not understood before. If I have said you will be successful then do not hesitate, RUN. You have wells springing up from within, fed by My Living waters. I will birth in your spirit amazing exploits that will bless you and those near. Growth and expansion are in your hands and desire. You can go as far as you are willing. People who have not supported you will suddenly see your potential and come along side. Do not look to the past wounds. Embrace the positive change, and I will heal and bind up your wounds. I know your heart, and I know what troubles you in the silent moments. I see the longing in your heart for restoration that never seemed to be possible. What was in the past will quickly be forgotten. Wait and see what this remaining year will bring to your door. I have promised to amaze you, and I will indeed.