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  • MaryEllen McCloud

July 20, 2018

The Father says, Just because something falls to the ground, does not mean this is a bad thing. Did I not create the world on this principle? If I allow you to pick it back up, then know I Am behind your desires. If you try to pick it up and nothing moves smoothly for you, question the reason behind this. Seek Me and I will speak mysteries that were not known before this day. Listen to Me trying to gain your attention through the muck of your busy day. Unclutter your mind so that you can hear. Place down your own desire for just a moment. Be patient. I have not forgotten you and any delay is not a mistake on My part. A blessing given too soon may cause harm if you are not standing on the right foundation. You will soon be able to walk fully the way I intend for you to experience. Nothing is hidden from Me, even if the understanding escapes you right now. The world will tell you to be suspicious of everything. What you entertain in your heart will become stone if you are not careful. You can embrace a mind full of doubt that will eventually guide you into going around in circles. It is time to take into your full understanding that I have taken care of you since the foundations of creation. I have never let you down and never will. It is beyond My ability to leave you without My favor. Even if you walk away, I will still pursue you with My Love and Gentle Care. Your feet cannot travel in any direction if you have one foot in and one foot out. Decide whom you will serve with all of your heart, mind, soul, and spirit. You cannot live in two realities. You cannot be of My Kingdom at certain moments and belong to the world the rest of the time. If you are wondering why your life is stagnant, look no further than where your will takes you each day. Many choose to live their day without My Hand. Your path will only be shaped by where your allegiances lie. I am sending a strong sign to your spirit in this hour. One that you cannot deny is from My Throne. It is time to walk as Sons and Daughters with full Power and Authority. No more turning back!

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