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Daily Prophetic Word July 3, 2018

The Father says, In the Turning of the Corner you will not be able to see what is to come. This is by design and not a detriment. I want you to not walk too far ahead of My Plans in this moment. Many see the future and want to run immediately to it. I want this for you too, but we must walk and not run at times. Being too hasty will cause distractions leading to missteps.

You are coming over the Hill and you will see the City that I have for you to find. This is not a city in human contexts, but a City like a Treasure Chest. It possesses My Finest and soon you will be in full Awe and Wonderment as to just what I have been up to on your behalf. I have not forgotten what you are waiting for. Let your anticipation build for you are very close to seeing that manifestation of what I Am placing in your heart.

You have vision in you and I have plans for that vision. So write it down lest you perish. If I Am your Lord then I will determine the outcome. Release it all before Me. Even when you think that you are doing less than perfection, I will make diamonds out of what looks like something to toss away. I did not toss mankind away from the beginning, and I will do all that I have spoken over you.

Forget about what did not go as planned. Forget about those that are on the sidelines mocking you and hoping for your demise. They did not create you so their opinion is mute. I knew you before you were born. I am not caught off guard by what you are up to today. I have no intentions on throwing up My hands over what you struggle in. Just get up and keep moving. I will make the crooked paths straight and send you into territories that others would abandon. When you press in, the rewards will be yours for the taking.

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