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  • Replenished Hope Ministries

Daily Prophetic Word July 1, 2018

The Father says, Arise! The Atmosphere disruption just means that you have crossed over the threshold. The Door is wide open and you are about to take the second step over into the New. What was will not return. Rapid shifting is upon you like you have never known before. Those against you will watch My Finger upon you and wish that they did not make themselves an outcast to My Promises over your life.

What is stirring within you is breaking out to be stirring all around you. This power is breaking chains and pushing back the enemy of your soul. He is defeated so gaze upon him no more. Where you place your attention is where your faith or disbelief lies. Choose to Pick up Your Banner for My Love Overflows right before your feet.

You are an Unstoppable force no matter what comes your way. Look beyond the obstacle to find Me ready to Deliver you. I am taking you to the highest of mountains and to the most bountiful of meadows. This is YOUR TIME! Yes, you heard Me correctly. The Long Long Wait is Over. Look Up, for I Am Here.

Let the pain of past season heal as My Balm mends the Heart of Sorrow. You once wore the sackcloth, now you gladly put on the Garments of Praise. What was will be remembered no more. Let My Joy overtake you from this day forth. You are walking out of barrenness and into Fullness!

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