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Daily Prophetic Word June 27, 2018

The Father says, Sometimes history is rewritten and sometimes history repeats itself. Clear your mind for I am exposing what is coming back around to bless you and what is coming completely under My Authority to set the record straight. You are being pushed through a narrow canyon and into a new way of thinking.

As the walls scrape away the dirt and debris, what was underneath the surface will be seen. Many have overlooked what was truly in front of them. You thought you were denied, but only had to dig a little deeper to find what was there all along. Attitude is your key in this hour. You have not been forgotten.

What I will do for one, I will surely do for you. Cast away doubts for you are not a second class citizen before My Throne. I hear everything you say, and My Answer is sent to every matter you speak. I am not a tease or a miserly Father. I own it all and you are worthy of My Grandest Favor.

When I look upon you, you are the only one in the room. You will love the journey I have created for you once you forsake the mindset that it will be unpleasant. Would I give you a stone instead of bread? I can bring Heaven to Earth, can I not? Come into My Alignment. I am refining your walk and removing what has caused you to stumble. You are My Beloved who I watch over day and night.

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