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Daily Prophetic Word June 25, 2018

The Father says, What is out of order will come into order within a mere days time. What you have been looking for on the horizon is here. Pay attention as I desire you to be fully aware of what is taking place and not miss it. A rearranging of your resources is coming where you will accomplish more with less work, effort, and time. I desire for you to have balance between what is kingdom work, what is man’s work, and what is for your enjoyment. When you are off balance, more than that one aspect will cause you to stall out.

I am bringing a closer sense of family as well. I am all about relationships and this is where you were especially created in My Image. Even on days that you convince yourself that you would be better off alone and that it is not worth the effort to reach out, I know the truth in your heart. I will repair what is broken. I will bring new faces to fill what feels like a void. I am all about quality in your life. Find an upgrade in the quality of people surrounding you in these next few seasons.

Let them push you higher as you do the same in their lives. Be for each other and watch this good hearty seed grow rapidly. You are like the stars in the heavens. Each person has a twinkle and many gifts that benefit others. Do not hide your light. You are so beautiful before Me. I so enjoy watching you shine for My Glory and Honor. Find the old patterns that kept you going in circles breaking off. You will suddenly walk out of that trap that kept you distracted.

The air is fresher than ever before. You are wiser and will go about situations much more efficiently. You will know which choices will lead to mistakes and not choose wrong this time around. Find that even this air will lift you up over obstacles that used to trip you up. You have passed the tests that were before you. Now you are moving into the reaping of the harvest. You will not lose your reward!

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