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  • MaryEllen McCloud

June 23, 2018

The Father says, You can take that promise to the bank. Many have looked at the calendar and then to the clock to determine if that promise is still in My 'Yes and Amen' category. I will not change My mind. Do not abort My Word over your life. Speak your Rights and Authority. Do not shrink back but Press On. Many quit when they see a hill to climb not realizing that what they labor in will break open the promises. You are pregnant with Promise. When the road seems beyond difficult remember the rewards for continuing on, even when you cannot see the dawn or the stars to guide you. I Am a God of Suddenlies! I Am a God of the Supernatural Miraculous! It is My Will and Good Pleasure to Lavish My Surprises on those that remain faithful. When the world tells you to give up, I say you have never been closer to the manifestation. Stay the Course! This is the Hour that what you have prayed for over others comes through in the Night. Watch as person after person receives their petition paid in full. What you sow into for others will give you a harvest like none other. When you bless another, you are doing so unto Me. Your Bank is full of Interest and Bursting at the Seams. Soon! Very Soon! Open up your Hands with Great expectation!

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