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  • MaryEllen McCloud

June 20, 2018

The Father says, You are coming out of everything you have been going through! Yes, you are. What was holding you back and pressing you down is breaking off in this hour. Feel the Shift in the Breeze. There is a stillness coming to the air where you will feel anxious to get moving again, but I want you to hang steady for a moment longer. I am clearing the air in your life. Wrongs near and far from you are getting wisdom and clarity. I am setting your heart ablaze to be for what I am for and be against what I am against. You will find new strategies coming to properly deal with everything I place before you. Some things just simply are not for you to manage, but I will make known what your assignments are. You are ready and equipped for the New Level you will be walking in. In the secret was were you were made skilled for these tasks. You are My Answer to what rages all around you. You can quiet any atmosphere that you choose. Some will say, Lord why now and not before. Others will say why now and not later. Understand, My Timing is right on time for your journey and needs. Coming earlier or later would not benefit you in fullness. Be okay with letting go of the what if’s and allow My Joy to Fill your Heart and Mind. I will replace your sorrow and pain with Laughter and Healing. You are stepping into a place that I have longed for you to see.

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