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  • MaryEllen McCloud

June 15, 2018

The Father says, My Heart hears the grieving of My Children. You have held onto immense loss of those you loved dearly who have passed on. You have been unable and unwilling to receive healing from My Touch. Your agony runs deep into your core. I am coming to your mind and heart to show you the unanswered questions that still invade your mind. I am removing your guilt and regrets still swirling in your heart. I am releasing you of all that you are carrying not only for yourself but for others that you love as well. It is fully time to let go and trust that I have taken all of your pain to replace with peace and freedom. I desire you to be free and not to punish yourself unjustly. If I say you are to be free then no one can speak higher than My Authority. What looks one way may indeed be something else entirely. Let Me sort out what is covered in fog and confusion. You remaining here is not helping you and causing delays to happen in your life. Let Me love on you and give you infilling in those voids, for you are not meant to be empty. I have stored up your tears and I am wiping away what is not My best. You will find in the coming months, reconciliation in several key and important areas surrounding where you were stuck. People have not always understood what you have gone through and many believed you should have done something entirely different than the direction that you went in. I am settling your accounts with others and removing what has been held against you. What was pushing you back will now push your forward. The ties to the past are broken! Embrace it for this is My Desire over your days.

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