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Daily Prophetic Word June 4, 2018

The Father says, The Eight day is the New Beginning. I desire that you embrace this with everything that is within you. I am coming to you in this hour to show you areas that you have not forgiven yourself. It is time to let go of what you feel you deserve to hang onto. It does not matter what the opinions are from others. I have forgiven you and so you must also forgive yourself.

When you refuse to pardon yourself, you are placing yourself above Me. You are stating in this oneact that Jesus paying for your sins on the Cross was NOT Enough! Would you like to argue this point with Me further? I do not find pleasure in being reminded of what I threw as far as the East is from the West. It is false humility and pride that you hang onto and it must be eradicated from your life. I have not called you to somehow be perfect.

If I cannot expect perfection from you, then how ever will you expect to find it within yourself? I desire that you live in freedom, so you will have to start with your mind. What binds you is not real but rather a choice that you are going along with. Those that desire to remind you of the past will find the sobering truth that I don’t remember what they are accusing you of either. It is time for the accusers to heal and move on as well. The enemy would like nothing more than to spin all of creation in his web of lies. Use your Power and Authority to remove him.

Focus on your here and now. This is where you will find My Hand over your days. Today is where you have fresh choices and where I am taking you to all that I have in store for you. You are not living up to the ‘old man’ which was crucified on the Cross. You are walking in the New Man and who I Am creating you to be on the Potter’s Wheel. Let Me have My way in your life and you will reap a beautiful beautiful life in the process.

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