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Daily Prophetic Word June 2, 2018

The Father says, The King of Glory has Come, is Now, and will Be! Do not look to and fro any longer. The answers that you have sought for, knocked over and over, and pondered upon through the mysteries of your day, will come into My Alignment. Find in your heart flows the understanding with the Thoughts of Heaven at the front.

Lessons learned will take you to New Levels. Growth and Acceleration embraces your way of being. There are past and present circumstances that I am tying together, and you will gain wisdom about how the two are related and joined. This will unlock new strategies for you and new ways for you to approach situations into the coming year.

Watch the breaking waves as they begin to recede. Feel the gentle waters soothe your feet after a long season of warfare. What was rising up in opposition will be cast as far as the eye can see. Find your days filling with more and more peace. I am putting purpose to your experiences and divine intervention in several key areas. There are aspects that are beyond your control, but not Mine.

Find that the fortress walls are growing higher and becoming thicker. Weapons that used to penetrate your boundaries will no longer find their target. Stand firm in the knowledge that I am your Rear Guard. I am drawing clearer lines of purpose to your comings and goings. You will know what is for your now with a certainty that you have never felt before. Find My Spirit speaking to you in new ways and with new mysteries for you to uncover.The Smile that you almost lost is returning never to be removed again!

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