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Daily Prophetic Word May 21, 2018

The Father says, I am turning your Light on even Brighter. There was a time that you could walk around in your day and go unnoticed, but this is about to change rapidly. I am sending those who believe they are outside of My kingdom right to you. Some will truly Be My Sons and Daughters and yet not think it is so, due to religious mindsets or negative words spoken over them. Others will have never walked through My Kingdom doorway yet, but their curiosity is about to explode with the desire for more in life.

You are the One I have been raising up for such a time as this. Are you excited yet? Many think I am winding down My efforts for Mankind, but this is merely a lie from the enemy’s camp. I am about to open the floodgates to the Greatest Kingdom Harvest yet. Eyes will Open and Ears will Hear. My Angels are removing the smoke screen and blindfolds. Deceptions that have bound generations are being cut off. Evil rooted in their hearts and minds are finding My Healing and Restoration.

I can and will undo decades of wrong thinking and beliefs. Just let go to the process. You do not need to seek out who I have for you. Know that they will show up at the right moment for My Spirit to pour out over the situation. I am preparing the way for millions and millions. I am not finished yet with My plans for you or those around you. I can use you as you are. Did you not think that I have already prepared you in secret. Let go of the outcome. Leave that to Me.

You are My Precious Child. I love you so, so deeply, and I am so proud of you. Do not count your mistakes while I am speaking to you. I am looking at your perfection through My Son. This is what matters at the end of your day. Be grateful and let your praises soar above the clouds. You will get through to the other side. I will take you step by step. Do not worry about tomorrow. Today I am preparing your miracle. Focus on Me and not on what you want to see become different. I have all of that in the palm of My Hands. Better is yet to come!

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