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Daily Prophetic Word May 16, 2018

The Father says, Peace is like a River. It is always available to drink from but often times it eludes. What appears to have dried up at certain moments is not the case. It just requires that you dig a little deeper to find Me moving within the situation. Let Me handle the heavy work. I desire that you receive the spoils from war without the heavy combat. Stay steady.

In this season, I am establishing ways within you to out smart the enemy with far fewer steps. Like a game of chess, you will surprise him with new strategies and tactics. What he thought you would be easily beat by will become your greatest strengths. Find that old pitfalls are permanently sealed over. Choose not to unearth what I have buried. Your mind is a very powerful tool. Think about what you are allowing to snare you in.

You are at a time of gaining a better understanding of what walking in full Sonship truly means. Many scream platitudes here and there, but they have no real idea on how to manifest what they are proclaiming. For those who are hungry, I am revealing new mysteries for this time to unfold upon the Earth realm. I have not instructed you to fold up shop but instead Occupy and Subdue the Land.

What I ask of you is surely in the realms of what you are designed to do. Do not see yourself as a mere lowly human built of flesh. I am taking you beyond the mind’s comprehension and into My Presence. You can do far more than even the early church was capable of. It is your unbelief that works against you. You must forsake the ordinary to walk in the extraordinary.

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