• Replenished Hope Ministries

Daily Prophetic Word May 10, 2018

The Father says, Many cry for My Wrath, oh so wishing I would even flood the Earth once more. Listen! I am flooding the Earth. You are My Flood. Your very presence will make the enemy run and My Love pour out to a dying world. I desire that all Come Into My Presence through Repentance. I have not given up nor turned My Back upon My Creation.

You will do more through Hope than you ever could with Wrath. For all have sinned and no one can boast a better scorecard. For I Am the Score Keeper. The records others would like to condemn a person with, I have already made a way through My Sacrifice and Forgiveness. They owned you nothing so release them from an unjust debt.

If I have called the sin debt Settled and Paid then come with Me for I visit the heart’s of mankind. When I place you in the Right Place to be a Beacon for the Kingdom, will you walk away or Stand to Be Counted Faithful? I have much that I will do with a yielded vessel. I Am not Finished with My Plans for all of the Nations, Territories, or People.

I am surely not done with My Plans over your life. Be Flexible in My Hands. Just when you least expect it, I will give you an assignment that will change the course of another’s life and give you a blessing as well. For what you Sow you will Reap. Be a People who do not pass up an opportunity to Sow. What you do unto another, you are doing unto Me.