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Daily Prophetic Word May 9, 2018

The Father says, It is Crunch Time. Things are coming to an end in your journey and doors are closing shut all around. Many are feeling the pressure and even confusion at times. See beyond the natural for the spiritual realm is syncing with the natural and bringing about the manifestation before your eyes. Much is shifting rapidly and the old is cut off with precision. Alignment is taking place like you have never known before.

Cast aside what is unknown to you right now. Just follow My Voice. Some have been more in-tune with My purpose and plans, but know this, you are catching up to speed in this hour. If you believed you did not have something special to offer, find that My Glory finds you where you are. I will release you from all that has held you back and even from what you did not realize was an issue.

Generational curses are breaking off of My people, for the enemy has spoken bondage for far too long. Stop and Release the tendency to talk about past crimes and sins done by and to your family line. STOP! You are opening up a doorway for the enemy to influence you own life through past assignments over your generational line. You cannot be free of the past until you decide to stop living and letting it influence your today.

I know many are getting restless right now. Do not fill your time with matters that are not pressing for this moment and season change. You will only be distracted and not finish what is for you to do right now. It is up to you to take care of yourself and not allow weariness to set in. Everything will get done and the next steps will present themselves on time. I am stirring your spirit with what is urgent and important. Listen to the inner voice, and enjoy these weeks. You will miss the quieter times

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