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Daily Prophetic Word May 6, 2018

The Father says, Call upon My Name. My people, we are in a relationship and not merely a master and slave interaction. When you continue to see yourself in this lowly subservient relationship that requires you to grovel and hope that you do not receive a punishment, you are missing the Love that I pour out for you and the whole world. Everything done by My Hand was for you! Even when you feel like you are less than deserving, I will still call you worthy of all that I have.

I have called mankind into fellowship with Me since the very beginning as I walked with Adam in the Cool of the Day. I did not turn My Back due to sin. I have always been waiting for all of mankind to come back to Me. It is man that walked away believing that shame and condemnation was a forever portion. No! I made a way even as I knew upon the creation of all things what I would do in and through mankind. It was not over then, and It is not over NOW! Put away the lies told from voices near and far.

I have great plans for you and your neighbor. Do you believe and will you receive? My Master Blueprint includes all those willing to walk a called and anointed level. Many have been told that they have this or that spiritual gift, but they decide to leave it on the fireplace mantle and only dust it from time to time. If you have never done anything with what I have given you, how do you know what I desire to do in your life? It is just a wasted trophy and does nothing for you or anyone else in reality.

A match is useless without the striking to light the fire. Many have decided to be seen only as the match with great pride, but fail to see they are not living up to the greatness that I have created them for. They refuse to let Me strike them in order to get My Flame moving over their life. They fool themselves into believing that they have enough merely being a match. Being useful and being used is a completely different thing. One is about potential and one is reality of what will happen. Your life on Earth is limited in space and time. What you dismiss as a waste may be far more costly than you ever would have imagined. You will never know just how far I desire to take you until you come to Me yielded so that I may empty you of the world, and fill you up with Christ.

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