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Daily Prophetic Word May 5, 2018

The Father says, The Righteous will fall but it is what one does after that which leads to victory or defeat. For the Righteous falls seven times and rises again. Are you rising again? This is what I have called you to do. The enemy will push you down and look to bury you in your sorrows and regrets. Enough! I am breaking through in this hour to free those who are unable to free themselves. Others may look on with judgment, but you just look straight at Me.

You may lose your balance from time to time, but I am here to pick you right back up again. I know what day today is. Your days are already written before Me. I even know how many hairs are on your head. We are going to do amazing adventures together. You just need to decide for this to be your goal. My answer is Yes and Amen! Settle that in your heart.

Be swept away this day by My Goodness. All of your needs are prepared and ready for what is to come. What is to come maybe still a mystery, but you will find that as you embark, that your feet seem to hover and float over obstacle after obstacle. Shift your focus. Do not worry and fret about the latest mountain for it is merely a mole hill to Me. Take the time to look at things through a fresh lens. What is happening is important but maybe not in the way you imagine. Let Me settle out the mess into what it will be.

You are being made into My Son’s Image through what has happened yesterday, today, and will happen tomorrow. Decide not to let your heart grow bitter for at the right time and moment, I will use this for an amazing outcome that you will not anticipate. I see the pain and tears, but I will replace that with Joy and Favor. Give this time to come into full harvest. For in due season, I will pour out repayment that you have never seen before, and the interest alone will carry you for the rest of your life. Be Still and Know that I am God!

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