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Daily Prophetic Word May 1, 2018

The Father says, May is your month of unexpected favor and release over your life, over your circumstances, and what has kept you bound to release you completely. Even as the warfare intensifies, know that the battle was already won. By mid-month you will see the tide turn and what limited your progress to retreat.

Nothing will stop what I designed for your days. Many do not even realize that deliverance is the key to their problem. Do not let your eyes grow dim or ears become deaf. Do not be lulled into a slumber thinking all is well. It is in your power to change. You are Victorious so stand against the enemy of your soul.

Be aware of your surroundings. Dropping your guard will leave you vulnerable. I am coming to you with new strategies for future gain, as well as, to avoid the snares of the enemy. You are walking into better days. Do you believe? What you believe you will see is what you will see. Your Faith is what allows the manifestation.

Cast aside the yesterday’s of sorrows and disappointments. The regrets have no place in your now. I will make a way where there was no way. The natural eyes will fail you but the spirit to My Spirit will guide you to Glory. To climb the Mountain takes work but at the summit, you will be gifted with Great Wisdom and Perspective. Time to start going beyond the average.


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