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Daily Prophetic Word April 25, 2018

The Father says, I am not against the Desire’s of Your Heart. Who do you think colored you with these beautiful dreams? Some require surgery on their heart so that wholeness can reenter their inner man. Yield to the Process and Wait upon Me. I will open the Favor. I will bring to you those dreams that even I alone have dreamed for you.

Be watchful of false gifts and snares from the enemy. Be Wise among your days. Clean your Hands and Stand in Righteousness in all of your ways. You cannot walk with the enemy in reality and believe he will not trick you at the very next turn. Do not abort your Potential that I created you with.

It is time to make the change. You are no longer a child, but My Royal Sons and Daughters. What was barren is becoming Fruitful. Do you believe? Many are vying to go back to Egypt instead of the Land of Milk and Honey. You cannot defeat the enemy when you refuse to confront the lies.

I speak Life Abundantly over your days. I will use anything and everything in your path to accomplish My Word upon your life. I am not finished with you, so stand and be counted. Decide to close the door on doubt and fear. My Resources are endless. I Am the Preparer of your Destiny. You will reach the Prize; just don’t stop!

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