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Daily Prophetic Word April 21, 2018

The Father says, Love will carry you through! The Power of I Am is LOVE. You possess the Greatest Power over all of the Earth. Even when people slap you in the face, Love will reward you TEN fold back. Do not give up, for the cruel of the darkness will set free the captives in its grip. There is nothing higher or with more authority.

Take a page out of My Book. Walk in the Fruit of the Spirit and in time, you will be reflecting that so beautifully. The world will take notice of those that are faithful. Let My Love overflow in you this very day. When you feel depleted, ask Me for More. I will pour out until you cannot contain My Goodness any longer.

You were created out of perfect Love, and you are growing even deeper than where you once began. Carry the torch for those not yet able and you will find Me there filling in the Gap. You have more influence over those that are lost than you ever could imagine. Step out and give My Love a try. Mankind fails working out of their own version of love. Reach further to discover the best possible reflection of who you are designed to be.

Heaven is not closed off to you. Quite the opposite. Command the Portals Open. Worship is your Key. I reside with a people who stand in the Midst and the Force of Worship over their day, their region, and the world. The very atmosphere cannot help but respond. Decide you are not helpless to the evil forces over the land. Instead you will Conqueror. So stand and take back your Land!

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