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Daily Prophetic Word April 18, 2018

The Father says, Don’t let the world get you stirred up. My Kingdom has Come, and you are in the front row to be a part of what I am doing for all of mankind. Let the town cryer cry. Just grab your tools because there is work to do. You can’t convince people who want to see the worst in everything. You just be busy about what I am setting your hands and feet to do. When this crisis is over, the unfaithful will be onto a new alleged crisis.

You are in the palm of My Hands, and your days are before Me. Have I not seen all that you will encounter day after day, and year after year. Nothing is left to be a mystery as to how you will get from start to finish. The Road I own. Did you catch that? If I am not in full control and authority then yes, you should worry. Your life is not up to a game of chance and luck. You have the Creator of all things in your corner.

You can accomplish anything through Christ. You have the strength beyond that of 10,000 because of Who lives inside of you. Time to settle in your heart and mind that you are not washed up or finished. Far from it. I have much much more wonder and beauty to establish before you for My Namesake. I will finish what I have set out to do. I have not changed My mind, and I will not!

Go forward with Confidence and Determination. Nothing will take you out and nothing will stop what I have commissioned you to do. Look at what is to come and laugh loud. Do I not have command of even a donkey speaking? You are walking on land where fear is not a reality for you to entertain. The Best is Yet to Come. Repeat to yourself until you believe. I am for My Creation and not against it. I have wonderful plans to prosper and not to harm!

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