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Daily Prophetic Word April 14, 2018

The Father says, You are not shrinking. You are expanding. Look around. You barely fit in the areas all around you. Oh, how you have grown. You have gone beyond what the ground can support for you. It is time to pluck you out and send you forth. A fish will out grow a small pond, but the Ocean has endless possibilities.

Your chapter is winding down, and the New Chapter is about to turn the page. What is written in secret by My hand is about to be seen in fullness. Capture these precious moments, for these days will not return to your story. Even on the days you felt as a failure, I have carried you, wiped away the less than, and restored you back to wholeness.

What was a challenge in this season will seem like an ant hole when you look back again. Appreciate how far you have come. Give yourself credit for where you thought you were in weakness is now areas of strength. Those who tried to hold you back will cheer you on. What didn’t make sense will come into focus.

Acceleration took you years further than normal time would have given space for. All things are possible and even the years of wasted potential came under My Authority to bring you to this moment. You are Established and Grounded in Me. Your days are filled with Promise and Favor. See yourself through My Eyes. You will not miss the target again.

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