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Daily Prophetic Word April 8, 2018

The Father says, Do not fear. I Am in you, and you are in Me. We cannot be separated in reality. Release a mind that would think otherwise. You are My Beloved whom I Am well pleased with. Decide not to look at failure as a marker that you somehow become less to Me. The Blood shed on the Cross wipes away all that you do on your own strength and ability.

I Am only viewing you through Eyes of your potential in Me, not through your sins. Forget the wrong moves from a day that has already come and gone. Learn and Grow. This is what I am asking of you. I will change the rest in and through you. I do not want you to miss out on what I have planned for you right now.

Consider you starting at the beginning of this now with a clean slate before you. Nothing from the past will come against you, nor will it hinder what I will do in your life this hour. Do not say this cannot be so. My people are living in the past with constant punitive punishment for every slight mistake they have made.

Repent, forgive, and move on. I have not called you to see how long you can carry that baggage for the rest of your race. It proves nothing of value in My Kingdom for you to not release what I have already dealt with for you. Fresh Eyes and Fresh Ears are yours to use. Drop the religious artifacts in the doorway, and let us get busy about what I Am doing for you today!


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